Welcome to mahjong.ru!

This website is a home page for the Russian Mahjong Federation created to promote mahjong game all over Russia.

The site is in Russian language only. However, you can try to view it in bad English by means of one of the online translation services:

Google (sometimes translates “mahjong” as “golf” or “soccer”).
Systran (less grammatically correct)
PROMPT (German, French and Spanish are also availible).


Russian Open 2010

The Russian Open will be two days MCR tournament (October 30-31, Saturday and Sunday) with 6 gaming sessions and 2 MERS points. It should be somewhere in Moscow or in nearby suburb. The accommodation in Moscow and around is not cheap, so be prepared for some expenses.

We shall be posting about the tournament on our website soon (presumably by the end of August 2010).

If you would like to be notified about all developments of the  Russian Open please write a short message to us and we shall enter your e-mail on the mailing list of the event.

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